Customized Mentoring Programs

Confidently Expose and Interpret Radiographs

From getting the perfect image to understanding the story it is telling, Dr. Bouchard is passionate about sharing tips, tricks, and her 20+ years’ experience as an instructor to build the skills and confidence of dental professionals. From overlap correction on bitewings to radiation safety to patient gagging, get real-world, hands-on training. Bring your challenging cases and gain Dr. Bouchard’s assistance in reviewing those hard-to-read or diagnose radiographs.

Build confidence and competence in applying and sharpening your radiographic technique skills.

  • Learn how to expose a fantastic radiograph
  • Gain tricks and tips to adapt to the larger digital sensor
  • Recognize positioning errors while exposing panoramic radiographs that compromise image quality
  • Protect patients and ourselves from the potential ill effects of radiation exposure in the dental office
  • Identify challenges, idiosyncrasies, and intricacies of radiographic interpretation
  • Understand the significance behind the various “shadows” on dental radiographs
  • Discover the clinical implications of images, covering normal anatomic landmarks as well as the typical markers and appearance of decay and periodontal disease
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Hourly via Phone or Screen Share • Full or Partial Day In-Office